Welcome to Susan Metcalfe Art

I live in an area of Galloway, Scotland, which is both historical and very beautiful, equal distance from Kirkcudbright Artists Town and Castle Douglas Food Town.

Painting, along with horses, has been my passion since childhood. I am a versatile artist, painting with awareness of my subject, to capture not only what I can see, but what I feel about it also. I am greatly inspired by the countryside, nature, shores and gardens of the area that I live in.

I have no favourite medium, preferring to allow the subject and feeling of place to dictate what I use to convey the emotion I feel. Often, my landscape paintings begin with a sketch or watercolour done outdoors and then completed in the studio, where I can experiment with different media.

My floral paintings are usually created with watercolour.
I love the fluid qualities of this medium, and get excited when colours run, dribble and merge together then explode unexpectedly, and the feeling of not being in total control however much you think that you are!

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